Expose yourself to the whole world of green mobility.

Networking opportunity
Networking opportunity

A fantastic opportunity to network and discuss business trends, innovations, and regional needs.

Partnership opportunities
Partnership opportunities

A platform for linking international and regional businesses in order to build strategic alliances.

View demonstrations
View demonstrations

A chance to see indoor and outdoor demonstrations of the latest products and services EV industry.

Attend educational presentations
Attend educational presentations

Find out about the latest regional market trends, developments, and challenges.

The year of Distinction and Precedence

The Global EV Show and Conference will seamlessly mix passenger and commercial vehicle launches, new technology releases, product and innovation announcements, on-floor technology workshops, start-up presentations, and more to provide the region's major meeting point for leaders and innovators.


Government bodies, Ministers, Policy Makers, CEOs and decision makers from OEMs and aftermarket segments, as well as industry thought leaders, will share strategic ideas that will shape the future of global carbon neutral mobility at this one-of-a-kind green mobility summit.


To complement the main event and conference, policymakers and CEO roundtables, channel partner meetings, and private pitching sessions with investors will be held to provide additional direct and privatized business development opportunities. Every evening, a variety of partner and official networking events will be held to assist strengthen relationships and enjoy the event.



Who Should Attend

This event is aimed to bring the global EV automotive battery innovators, suppliers, manufacturers, government bodies, policymakers, think tanks, and prospective end-users seeking to learn more about the benefits of adopting new battery technologies and battery management systems for electric vehicle applications. Core attendees include High ranking Govt. officials, Policymakers, CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, and Stakeholders.


  • bolt Government Agencies
  • bolt Dealers & Distributors
  • bolt OEM's Leaders
  • bolt Renewable Energy Companies
  • bolt EV Battery Researchers
  • bolt Automobile Associations and Alliances
  • bolt Power Generation Authorities
  • bolt Big Data & AI Companies
  • bolt Smart City Developers
  • bolt EV Charging Facilitators
  • bolt EV End Consumers
  • bolt Charging Infrastructure Providers
  • bolt Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • bolt Power & Utility Companies
  • bolt Real Estate & Project Developers
  • bolt Govt. Regulators & Policymakers
  • bolt Grid Infrastructure Companies
  • bolt ICT Infrastructure Providers
  • bolt Banking & Financial Services
  • bolt Venture Capitalists & Investors
  • bolt EV Testing & Certification Agencies
  • bolt EV Automotive Service Providers
  • bolt Logistics, Fleet & Supply Chain Companies
  • bolt Public transport Aggregators
  • bolt EV Startups
  • bolt Renewable Energy Tech
  • bolt Road & Development Authority
  • bolt VVIP's & HNIW's
  • bolt Advisors & Consultants
  • bolt Insurance Companies
  • bolt Controllers & Software Developers
  • bolt Law Firms & Academia
  • bolt Association & Alliances
  • bolt Telecom / Wireless Carriers
  • bolt Heat Resistant Products
  • bolt Connectors & Cables
  • bolt Lighting & LED Systems
  • bolt Legal & Compliance Services
  • bolt News Reporters & Journalists