Global EV Show Conference 2023


#GEVS​ - Event Details

The Sustainable Mobility Conference will bring together researchers, scholars, stakeholders policymakers, government advisories, and business executives to discuss and debate on the amalgamation of sustainability and emerging transportation technologies.

Key Topics

  • Opening Speech, placing the overall EV sector within the COP 28 context
  • Long Term Strategy Enhancing EV Use Across Different Markets
  • Regulations, Policies & Core Importance of Governmental Support In Building Strong EV Infrastructure & Community
  • Potentials Of Unified Set Of Regulations, Policies & Infrastructure Enabling Flexible Drive Across Borders
  • Exploring Local EV Manufacturing Aspirations
  • Major Technology Breakthroughs: Making The Most Of Multi-Modular Ecosystems
  • In Search For Best Business Model
  • Boosting Greater Local Infrastructure In Practice
  • Granting An Access To Capital: Great Importance Of Private Sector & Investors
  • Exploring EV-To-Grid (V2G) And EV-To-Home Solutions (V2H)
  • Supply & Demand vs Local Production Possibilities
  • Aiming for Greater Collaboration Across The Supply Chain: Linking Manufacturers With Essential Parts Producers, Governments & Investors

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